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Windows Application Development

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To develop windows application we at logicwell technologies use the dot net framework that provides the programming interface for developing Windows application. Not only Windows application it is also useful for other windows components and controls The .Net framework is also useful for providing various other programming languages like visual basic, C#, C++ and many more. API which is basically the win32 and COM application programming interface are mainly designed for the development of both 32 and 64 bit windows. Windows application development is a major service now.

Why do we choose windows application?

Windows platform is a very simple, secure and easy to understand operating system that is developed by Microsoft that can used in most of the popular present day devices like that of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The smart phones which comes with the Windows application may not be as popular and in demand like that of the Android platform but it is a growing application and here at logicwell technologies we have an expert team who can develop this without any difficulty. Also, windows are also growing at a large scale for tablet and touchscreen interfaces. With each update of Windows, the user of Windows application is getting to explore new possibilities. Those companies that are increasingly their windows based mobile app development platform are also flourishing very much.

The new API for windows

Windows Application Development

The API which is also known as the windows application programming interface, helps you to create a server and desktop application that runs on all the versions of Windows platforms. They make sure that the applications utilize the advantages of each windows version to the fullest. The API of the windows can be used in all windows based desktop and mobile applications. Our team of experts at logicwell technologies in the field of windows application development is very knowledgeable in all this fields.

The languages that are used to develop windows application

The languages that are used for windows application development are:-

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XAML and C#
  • XAML, DirectX and C++
  • DirectX and C++

Our team of experts at the logicwell technologies is very much fluent in all these languages so we can help our client to create any type of windows application.

Why work with us at Logicwell Technologies?

  • Here is logicwell technologies we treat clients equally. We also provide completely privacy to our clients. The code and ideas that are developed by our experts will only be for our clients. We also provide absolute confidentiality to our clients about the projects that are given to us.
  • We will tell you the overall cost of the project. We deliver our work within the time limit that we are given. In the last moment we do not change our cost. No hidden fees or extra charges are applied.
  • One great thing about us is that we provide full transparency about the methods regarding the projects that we are given to.
  • We provide solutions for any type of budget. We also provide our services both in local and global sectors.

Our Windows Application Development Solutions Strategy

Windows Application Development Solutions Strategy