Uber Clone

Uber Clone

A valuable taxi booking solution

A very on demand taxi booking system is an online facility or rather an online transportation application that will allow the customers to hire a cab and the drivers of the service will make sure that you get the best riding experience. This service is very robust, scalable and uses integral websites and both native IOS and Android mobile application.

This is the great opportunity for both the company and also the customers that there is now a taking booking platform that can operate with the help of both Android and IOS application. This taxi application service has web based services for both the user and the driver.

How to book a taxi online?

The process of booking a taxi starts with the customer booking a taxi at his or her location or maybe for another location with the help of mobile, WAP, or even Internet that includes web based bookings. Later, the booking information will be sent to the service providersā€™ data base system of text selecting. As soon as this process is done the taxing will arrive immediately or at the time mentioned by the client. Cabying is an uber clone.

Different facilities of cabying

Unlimited guests
No limit on the number of hosts
They have SEO friendly URLs
They also have banner management
Acceptance of multiple currencies
Opportunity of free installation

The valuable features of cabying

Tracking of driver: For those who are booking online for a cabying they have the opportunity to see the exact location of the driver.
Search for a driver: Before booking a cabying the customer can even go through the profile and reviews of the driver.
Facility of push message: This push message gives you the chance of sending some special messages, instructions and offers to both the users and the drivers. This is a very good taxi booking platform.
Track your transaction

Cabying provides with a customer app that saves history of all your past transactions.

Social sharing feature: They come with a facility that can help the users or customers to share promo codes, reviews on their social media accounts easily.
Generation of code: If you have a referral code then you can use this promotional code to credit money to your account through which you can make the payment.
There is also the feature of instant alerts on ride requests. Thus feature helps the drivers to get immediate ride request from user even if they are using different window or even if their screen is turned off.
Types of cars available: The method of selecting a car is simple and easy in taxi booking app and it also make the process smooth for the taxi services.
User active or in active feature: This helps to find cabs that are nearby. You have the power to tap a button and get a ride for now or you can even ride later. Once you request for a ride, the admin will generally assign a driver for your service

The free modules of the taxi booking service are:ā€“

Maintenance mode
Flexible log in options
Profile settings
Fare estimation
Email templates
There is also database indexing for first page loading