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Features of a job portal

With the advent of technology and globalization the option for getting more jobs and to achieve a successful career is more. Through online job portals that are available in wide ranges you can select your dream job according to your capabilities from a wide range of jobs that are available to you now. In respect to reducing the complexity of searching a job the users look for their dream jobs through those job portals that offer many functionalities and features. The important features include:-

The job portal should have an innovative front site layout.

This should be unique. It is very important to have an attractive front site to make the users engaged from the very first step or else he or she would not browse anymore. The job portal which contains web layout that comes with improved and higher user information to engage the users. The feature should be advanced and user friendly. It should have an easy to handle user interface that will be appealing to look at. The site should come with easy customization options. The utility and importance of several jobs portal are increasing day by day.

The job portal should come with solid members features

A website should be made keeping in mind what types of users are accessing the website. A particular job portal website has certain users like general visitors, registered users, moderators and website administrators. The features should include functionality that will provide comprehensive job search. Also based on keywords you will have multiple search options. They will also provide you with search option that is location based. There are also Ajax based search modules and also category based job filtering. There are also many forum discussions boards. These features should be possessed by any job portal website to help the users find their dream jobs.

Various features for job seekers

A very good job portal should have features that will be mainly focused on those features that should be helpful for the job seekers. Such feature will include easy registration process, user control panel that will help to manage information, job subscription alerts and also RSS feeds that can be saved for job searches.

The feature of video resume upload

To help the job seekers have a more meaningful and strong impact on the employers the job search portal should have the feature that will allow you to upload resumes in the forms of videos where the job seekers will talk about their credentials in a strong and impact full manner.

Social contact for job portals

There are many social networking sites that are growing very much in the field of providing job related information to the job seekers.

Gone are those days when you had to open the newspaper and find your ideal job in the limited job advertisement section. A Job portal which is a global platform have various job offers for you from across the world and depending upon your credentials and preference you can apply for any job that is mentioned there.