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The new rising food app on the market – Foodln

There are many food ordering and delivery companies and agencies that provide their customers with an easy as well attractive food menu that is appealing to all. These food ordering services provide you with all kinds of options and they also have the capacity to adjust themselves with the types of orders that are placed by various customers.

It is a food panda clone(food ordering system) that operates from a single window but from various and wide range of restaurants. Even they have the facility of exclusive delivery services which involves delivery personnel who will pick up the order from any restaurant and deliver it to your door step. Since they provide their own fleet of delivery personnel so they have the opportunity that offers their customers with no limit on the order they place on any restaurant. Facilities of online payment for all restaurants are provided by their services. The delivers are fast and also very much reliable.

A food ordering and delivery app

The Foodln food ordering and delivery website and application comes with several features and multi-language facility. They allow as you to make payment online and also allow social media sharing opportunities. The food ordering portal mainly have three basic roles of users that is administration, restaurant admin and end user and all the activities take place within this circle. When a user orders food, the restaurant will immediately get the order via call, SMS or email notification. This is one of the best online food operating system.

web development
web development
Through the help of website and mobile applications this Foodln ordering and delivery application will help to move the restaurant industry with customer engagement. With the help of this application the user can find do the following tasks such as:-
  • Find restaurants around their nearby location
  • Browse the menus of several restaurants
  • They also have an opportunity of add to cart
  • Track the application
  • Features of the application
  • Add unlimited restaurants
  • Unlimited guests
  • SEO friendly
  • Facility of booking a table at a restaurant
  • Premium admin panel
  • Payment via online
  • Invoice system
  • Support regarding social and mailing purpose
  • Usage of multiple currencies
  • Free cancellation
  • Management regarding commission
  • Management regarding banner
  • Other admin features of the application includes:-
  • It has the facility of dashboard and analytic
  • It has got social media page setting and general setting
  • You have the option of adding and managing restaurant
  • You can also set your email and contact settings that might be helpful
  • They also have sub admin setting
  • They have easy payment management setting
  • You can also avail the block and Unblock option
  • The reason to select Foodln
  • The facility of online order acceptance
  • They provide you with the option of email notification
  • They have excellent capability of delivery and management system
  • They have multi language setting option
  • You can add restaurants as you wish
  • The have QR code scanner
  • There is the facility of merchant dashboard
  • You get the advantage of code generation
  • You can also manage the size of the food items with this app
  • Also it makes managing of food items easier
  • They have the facility to manage add-on category