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ECommerce Clone

ECommerce Clone

An amazing online buying and selling application – Buy-Fi

To make sure that the viewer get a consistent view of your website so that they get to know more about the brand value of your website ecommerce is important. Some other advantages of e-commerce are that it increases the level of customer interest and this helps in increasing the sale value. You can also create your online presence which is an advantage for you. With the help of e-commerce you can also upgrade certain costs in the near future.

Advantages of using e-commerce

With the help of e-commerce you can very easily build a website with the main purpose that it can showcase the brand value of your website. One example is the amazon clone.

E-commerce helps you to get more customers. This platform engages more customers to your brand and this will help you to increase the selling rate of your products.

Every pre-made websites and standardized designs will require personal touch to them so that it can increase brand value and e-commerce helps you to achieve that.

This e-commerce concept is very unique and with the presence of functionality online there is a chance that you can cut down on upgrade costs in the future.

One of the best CMS for e-commerce is Buy-fi

This is an Amazon clone which is an e-commerce that web store which is mainly focused on buying and selling of products. This is a multi-vendor and e-commerce website and application which can be access by many vendors from different parts of the country to sell their products and thus earn commission by doing that.

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Features of Buy-fi
  • You can have unlimited number of guests
  • Also you can have unlimited number of hosts
  • The URL is SEO friendly
  • You will get alerts for hosts and guests.
  • They have the facility of social sign in
  • They give you the opportunity of in depth search
  • They have multiple language system
  • Google map integration is present
  • You will get free installation and support
  • They have reviewed management system
  • They have the method of surety regarding source code and customization
  • They have the advantage of multiple currencies
  • Wish list feature is also there
  • Option regarding advance filter is also present
  • They have trust and verification system
  • Commission fees is also available
  • This app is user friendly
  • To install and maintain this app is an easy process
  • The reason to choose Buy-fi as an online buying app
The main reasons are listed below:-
  • They have got powerful features and the multi-vendor process allows you to create and amazing online environment for both users and buyers.
  • It has got the opportunity of rel-affiliate tracking that will help you to track the promotions, campaigns and report regarding various brands.
  • They have got the review ratings that are useful for both users and buyers.
  • They have got the best search module.
  • The payment management and referral management system is also very good. They have admin dashboard.
  • It is also SEO friendly
  • Apart from having easy payment method it has also got a message system that is very easy for the users.
  • This app is fully responsive and has CMS management.