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BookMyshow Booking

The importance of online movie ticket booking facility

Gone are this days when you have to stand in line and wait to get a ticket for your favourite show or movie. Standing in a line is a waste of time so there are several websites that will allow you to purchase son line tickets through net banking. Online ticket booking system is a blessing for all movies goes and they are covering all the major movies. These online movie booking system runs on a ticket booking software and there are certain features needs to be kept in mind.

The design and layout of the website

The website that is acting as an online movie booking solution should have a very lively and attractive design and layout of the website. This websites should have such a background so that it can highlight an upcoming movie or any event to get more attention. As part of the customer and on feature you can also add dynamic headers.

The website should have official blog

It is very important for an online movie ticket booking platform to stay connected with their registered users and there cannot be any other way than the media of blog. The content of the blog should be about movie reviews and about upcoming movies. It should be interesting to gain the attention of the users. This is also helpful when it comes to social media sharing and activity.

Mobile version of the website

Every online movie ticket booking website should come with their own mobile application version as they will be able to get more business. With the help of mobile app everyone can book ticket from any place at any time.

Social sharing

Any online movie ticket booking website should have a very strong social media presence to get exposure that will increase popularity and help in growing the business. The website should have buttons and options for social media sharing.

The booking should be UX focused

This is a very important feature. The whole process should proceed in this way

  • Selection of seat
  • Option of payment
  • The final checkout

The process of seat selection should take place in real time. It should also have the option of save card details for quick payments.

The content should be user generated

To help in building the credibility of the website the content that should be user friendly. The platform allows you to write reviews and share your own thoughts about the movie. The website also provided options for like and dislikes a particular movie. It should also have integrated reviews system that will have social media to add social buzz.

Various kinds of payment method

The website allows different kinds of payment options like that of debit cards, credit cards, net banking and also quick cash options.

Admin panel

The admin allows you to do the following tasks:-
  • Booking settings change
  • Reservation management
  • Addition of movies
  • The process of uploading graphic seat maps
  • Online movie ticket booking facility is a blessing for all movie lovers which provide them with hassle free ticket booking.