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Vedpal Singh

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

ceo of logicwell technologies

Ved Pal Singh

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Vedpal Singh is an engineering professional with bespoke experience in software development and web development. He has worked with various organizations before starting with LogicWelll Technologies as a CEO and chairman. He has worked on different technical projects in his career and delivered 400+ projects successfully with his excellent team and brilliant coworkers.

He is an avid reader and logical thinker (enabling him to tap into the marketing world)  which brought him to start his own business in the year (year of starting business) in the name of Logicwell Technologies. He started the business of Logicwell Technologies to make scalable apps affordable or to make the luxury of high-performing apps accessible for everyone.
He started with a team of 5 to 8 members and now the family has come to the team of (50 members).

He believes in establishing a brand on the foundation of a great website with good functionality, features, and a rich marketing plan. He guides professionals to collaborate effectively with impeccable collaboration and communication skills. With his skills and experience, he is growing as one of the best entrepreneurs in the communication and marketing world.

Corporate social responsibility:

Mr Vedpal Singh travels to sacred places and contributes with his team to ensure cleanliness. The team collects garbage together in the amount they can handle to bring down. For instance, recently he visited Kedarnath and his team collected the waste bottles and other garbage material to ensure a clean India.

He is also a plants lover, which has led him planting 100+ trees till now.

Personal and educational background:

He is a humble, polite, helpful, and highly intellectual person with a bright educational background. He has completed his Bachelors in engineering from a recognized university ( name of the college). He is an avid reader making him interested in reading different books related to science, engineering, and tech.