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Logicwell Technologies is a digital agency that provides technical solution to every problem and we maintain a very good and healthy relation with our clients. One of the services that are provided by us is the development of mobile applications on the IOS platform.

How is IOS platform different from Android platform?

The two biggest competitors in the market are the android platform of Google and the IOS platform of Apple. Both are incredible in their own ways. The latest IOS version that is available is 5.0 and the latest version of android is 4.1. The operating system that is used in IOS is Mac OS/ UNIX. Linux is the operating system that is used in android. The IOS system has a proprietary license whereas android has free and open resources. The CPU architecture of the IOS system is ARM and the CPU architecture of the android platform is ARM, MIPS, Power and x86. Programming that are used in android are C, C++ and java and in IOS platform C, C++ and Objective C is used. IOS app development is a very unique process.

Customize IOS Applications Development

Languages Used To Develop IOS App

One might use any type of compiled language provided that the used compile language has the capability to compile the static ARM object file format as that of the Xcode produces. This will link only to the public API’s within the frameworks and libraries of Apple. But one cannot use a JIT compiled language unless you pre compile all the object code before you submit to Apple for review purpose.

Any interpreted language is also used but there are certain rules for that. If you want to use the interpreted language make sure that you have embedded the interpreter. Also make sure that it does not allow the interpreter or the app to get downloaded and run on any other interpretable code. It should only run in the interpreted code that is built into the app bundle before it is sent for review to Apple.

Objective C and C are the two most optimal languages. These are the languages that are used for any high performance devices and also the latest API support. These are the languages that also targeted by Apple for its IOS frame work. These help in tuning the ARM processor chipsets. The use of Java script or HTML5 is also supported by Apple inside a UIWebView.

Why Do We Venture In The Ios Development Market?

We, the logicwell technologies mainly venture in the development of the IOS app because the market of IOS is very popular and it is very lucrative. We provide the right functionalities which allow our user to get the best experience with the IOS platform. The famous company, Apple, uses the IOS platform in their famous product IPhones, iPod touch and ipad which makes the IOS system very much in demand. This makes it popular with users and thus helps you in expanding your business. Our team of experts are highly capable of developing an IOS app and we have never failed to impress our long list of clients.

Our Customize IOS Applications Development Solutions Strategy

Customize IOS Applications Development Solutions Strategy