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About us

The new, creative and innovative digital agency

A business that helps to deliver services which involve providing creative and technical solutions to everyone is a digital agency. It is a company that is known for providing strategic, creative and technical development of those products that are screen based and also services.

Why do we choose logicwell technologies as a digital agency?

In Logicwell Technologies we provide our clients with a many types of digital marketing. We are an IT service provider that works in a global platform. We are very efficient in providing various technological solutions to our clients. These technological solutions mainly involve enterprise IT solutions, web solutions, mobility solutions and also internet marketing solutions. Here at logicwell technologies generally a consultation based approach is followed which helps in building larger global products and IT business solutions. Read this to know about us.

The main works done by our company are:-

  • Building various websites
  • Making web apps
  • Providing ecommerce solutions
  • Making IT and web products
  • Making mobile apps
  • Providing mobility solutions
  • We Provide complete product solutions for both mobile and we.
  • It also provides enterprise solutions, CRM solutions and ERP solutions.
  • Logicwell Technologies is also responsible for software development and custom made software solutions.
  • We also provide very innovative ideas for our clients that are very helpful.

Why we are the best?

There are certain key factors that differentiate us from all other digital agencies. The main factors are:-

We provide excellent security and confidentiality to our clients. The various types of ideas, codes and all other intellectual phenomenon that we create for our clients are very secure and confidential. The project and other information that a client share with us are very delicate so we protect the privacy of this.

We believe that honesty is the best policy. We are very particular about the projects that we are provided with. We never lie about the project cost or the project timeline. The project is submitted at the perfect time without any failure. No extra or hidden charges are taken from the client.

We maintain complete transparency. We never lie about what we can do and what we cannot do. We are very transparent in the methods that we follow. We believe in our capabilities and we are always ready to help our clients whenever we are needed.

  1. We are a very stable organization.
  2. Our services can be afforded at any price.
  3. We perform in the global market as well as in the local market.

What services are provided by us?

There are many services that are provided by us?

Strategy and planning - In this field we provide many services such as generation of wire framing and sitemap, the opportunity of process flow diagramming, provides analytics and reporting. They also provide usability of testing and quality assurance.

Web designing - The services that are related with our web designing methods are card design, webpages for desktops, tablets and mobile, 3D design, frame design and logo design. We also provide software interface and application design services.

The other services provides by us are:-

  • Ios and Ipad apps
  • Android mobile apps
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Pay per click services
  • Content writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO - Search Engine optimization
  • SMO - Social Media Optimization
  • ASO - App Store Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • SMTP Service